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Bendigo Gem Club

What we do:

Cutting and polishing Gemstones, you will be amazed how what appears to be an ordinary rock you could do little more than stub your toe on can be cut and polished so that it becomes an attractive piece of jewellery or ornament.

Faceting precious and semi precious stones. Anyone can learn to cut beautiful gem stones you would be proud to mount in a ring or pendant.

two happy members cutting a stone

Silver smithing, with all those beautiful stones, you need to mount and display them !

Its important to note that almost anyone can learn the skills we are talking about here.

The Bendigo Gem Club is a great place to learn new skills or practice old ones. The club has rooms close to the Bendigo CBD and welcomes new members !

Our thanks to our sponsors: Wolfs Gems; Quality Gem Rough Supplies; Ruffell Jewellers; Bendimail

2017 Expo - Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th September - Click here for more info

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